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los-angeles-piano-tuningMusic Teacher LA offers piano tuning and pitch raise services in Los Angeles and South Bay. Our certified piano technician has over 26 years of tuning experience and services all piano brands. She serves local families Monday through Sunday and will be happy to accommodate your busy schedule.

 Regular Piano Tuning

This service refers to adjusting the string tension in order to make the piano perfectly in tune with itself, not necessarily at standard concert pitch. If the piano has not been tuned in quite some time (usually 2 years or more), it may require a pitch raise in order to bring it back up to concert pitch and remain stable.

Approximate time: 1 to 1.5 hours. Cost: $165

Pitch Raise & Piano Tuning

This service is necessary if your piano hasn’t been tuned in quite some time, or if it has been subjected to extreme swings in humidity and /or temperature. If the pitch has drifted one quarter tone or more from standard pitch, the string tension needs to be stabilized gradually with consecutive tuning (on the same visit) or the tuning will not hold. We have to raise the tension of over 200 strings.

Approximate time: 2 to 2.5 hours. Cost: $200

Why do I need to tune my piano?

Untuned piano does not produce good sounds. It’s very important for beginning students to hear his or her piano in tune and up to pitch. Even slightest changes in pitch result in a huge change in string tension, which can lead to all kinds of damages to the piano.

The main reason why piano goes out of tune is due to changes in humidity from season to season, affecting all pianos, new and old, played and not played.

How often should my piano be serviced?

Regular piano tuning – at least once a year (every 6 months is preferable) will prevent the need for a pitch adjustment in the future. Like many other things, pianos require maintenance. Not raising the pitch will, over time, greatly increase the chance of damage to your piano, causing cracks to your bridges and soundboard.

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Reviews of our Los Angeles piano tuning services

We have been tuning our piano with Music Teacher LA for a numbers of years now. Their certified piano technicians are punctual and very professional. Scheduling is always a breeze. Your piano will last with Music Teacher LA’s tuning. We highly recommend their service. ~Michael T., Cheviot Hills, CA 90064

Just bought a very old Baldwin upright and didn’t know if even the best piano tuner could get her sounding like new. Well, I did find the best piano tuner and within two hours of her diligent work, it sounded like it just came off the showroom floor!

I highly recommend Yoshi from Music Teacher LA! In addition to being a miracle worker, she is simply a lovely and charming woman. ~Marnie T., Santa Monica, CA 90403

Yoshi from Music Teacher LA did a wonderful job tuning my piano. She was very professional, courteous and punctual. I would definitely recommend and use Music Teacher LA service again. ~Talia, Pico Robertson area

I would highly recommend Music Teacher LA for all your Piano Tuning needs. Their piano technician is professional, punctual and excellent. 5 stars!! ~Britt, Pacific Palisades, CA 90272

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