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Music Teacher LA was born due to one incredibly skilled teacher and musician’s passion for music and teaching, her creative ability to motivate and excite students, and her desire to spread the love of music and learning to children and adults.

Music Teacher LA founder, Olesya MacNeil, graduated with Masters Degrees in Music, Psychology and Pedagogy and has been providing quality private music lessons since 1991. She assembled a team of highly professional and experienced musicians who share her burning desire and enthusiasm for quality music education. Learn more about our founder here.

Los Angeles saxophone lessons designed for you

Los Angeles saxophone lessonsMusic Teacher LA provides saxophone lessons in Los Angeles for children and adults ages 8-up. We accept students who are younger than 8 if they are tall, strong, and show a great hand-eye coordination. The most popular saxophone for the beginners is the alto sax due to its smaller size and lower weight. Fingering and note reading are the same for all saxophone instruments, so students can switch between the soprano, alto, tenor, and baritone saxophones with ease.

The saxophone is a fantastic instrument to learn, especially if you like jazz. Saxophone is also a popular instrument in many school bands and orchestras.

Our saxophone lessons are customized to students’ interests, levels and skills. Students learn fingering, breathing, blowing, developing embouchure, playing by ear, improvisation, saxophone tone, and music theory. Students are encouraged to practice daily, playing long tones and mastering the learning material.

The saxophone is a remarkable instrument and our professional saxophone teachers will inspire your love of music.

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