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What Sets Us Apart


The Very Best Quality Music Lessons in Los Angeles

Music Teacher LA provides private in-home, in-studio and LIVE online music lessons of unparalleled quality in PianoVoiceGuitar, Ukulele, Violin, Drum and more to all members of the family. We love teaching children and adults and strive to create, continually improve, and implement an innovative and enriching music program.


Our Exceptional, Highly Experienced Music Teachers

It is not easy to become a Music Teacher LA instructor. Only 2% of all interviewed musicians who wish to join the team meet the rigorous standards of:

  • Graduate music degree
  • Professional musical accomplishments
  • Extensive teaching experience
  • The friendly and unique personality type and creativity that motivates students

Our highly qualified teachers have graduated from prestigious music schools and conservatories. They have taught private lessons for an extensive period of time and earned the outstanding references and our students’ satisfaction. 

From the top rated MTAC teachers in Los Angeles to award-winning performers, composers and producers, our faculty is dedicated to discovering your potentials, supplying the effective and fun learning process, and helping you reach your musical goals. 



Founded and Operated by the Professional Musician

Los Angeles Piano Lessons

Music Teacher LA came to an existence out of one incredibly skilled teacher and musician’s passion for music and teaching, her creative ability to motivate and excite students, and her desire to spread the love of music and learning to musically inclined children and adults.

Music Teacher LA founder, Olesya MacNeil, graduated with Masters Degrees in Music, Psychology and Pedagogy from the prestigious university in the former USSR and has been providing quality private music lessons since 1991.

She was a highly sought after piano teacher in Los Angeles and taught the children of Larry King, Billy Baldwin, Dan Beckerman (the LA Kings’ governor), Susannah Grant (the Oscar-winning screenwriter), Bennett Schneir (the animated film producer), and many other professionals. 

She assembled a team of highly professional and experienced musicians who share her burning desire and enthusiasm for quality music education. 


Lessons Taught 7 Days a Week to Accommodate Your Busy Schedule

Los Angeles Piano Lessons

Our music lessons are offered seven days a week. Private in-home lessons are taught in the comfort of our students’ homes in Santa Monica, Pacific Palisades, Venice, Marina del Rey, Playa Vista, Westchester, Culver City, Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Sherman Oaks, North Hollywood, Echo Park, and many more areas. One-on-one studio lessons are offered in 15 local studios throughout Los Angeles. Our online lessons are provided via Zoom application.


Piano Lessons


Los Angeles piano lessons Our talented piano instructors teach a variety of styles from classical to popular music. Whether you would like to learn Bach or Alicia Keys, our teachers are happy to help you become the pianist you want to be. Our piano lessons are tailored to each student's tastes, needs and learning pace. We offer Los Angeles students the music they love to play so that they stay motivated to learn and practice.


 Voice Lessons


Los Angeles voice lessonsHaving a beautiful voice alone is not enough to sing very well. Vocal training involves both physiological processes and artistic techniques. Music Teacher LA singers are highly professional instructors who deliver their knowledge and experience to each individual student. 

Violin Lessons


Los Angeles violin lessonViolin lessons bring joy to students of all ages. Students are learning proper posture, violin and bow hold, ear training, memorization, fingering, technique, music theory and improvisation. The violin is a good choice as a first instrument for young beginners because the size of the instrument can be fitted to the child and it is excellent for developing a good ear for pitch and tone early on.


Guitar & Ukulele Lessons

Los Angeles guitar lessonsMusic Teacher LA provides guitar lessons for students ages 6 1/2-adult and bass guitar lessons for ages 8-adult. Many students begin learning the guitar before starting on bass. Guitar and bass students learn rhythm, tablature, notation, chords, memorization, sight reading, technique and improvisation. We offer lessons on acoustic, electric, and bass guitars ranging from four to eight strings. 


Drum Lessons

Los Angeles drum lessonsFor most children, the best time to start drum lessons is age 8. By this age, they are used to the routine of school and doing homework. They are also developing a better sense of mind-body awareness. However, we have been accepting children as young as 4 with great results. Our drum instructors have varying backgrounds and are prepared to accommodate the student's requests regarding any genre.


Saxophone Lessons

Los Angeles saxophone lessonsThe most popular saxophone for the beginners is alto due to its smaller size and lower weight. The fingering and note reading are the same for all saxophone instruments, so students can switch between the soprano, alto, tenor, and baritone saxophones with ease. Our saxophone lessons are customized to students' interests, levels and skills. Our professional saxophone instructors will inspire your love of music.


Clarinet Lessons

Los Angeles clarinet lessonsOur clarinet lesson program is interactive and customized to accommodate the interests and needs of each individual student. Students are encouraged to learn a variety of styles and genres as they advance. Our clarinet instructors provide a positive and effective learning environment for students of all ages, teaching them to master fingering, technique, notation, rhythm, music theory and tone quality.


Flute & Recorder Lessons

Los Angeles recorder lessonsMusic Teacher LA offers recorder lessons for students as young as 5 years of age. Children this age can begin learning to play the recorder and then move on to flute lessons a year later. Our professional recorder and flute instructors focus on our students strengths and teach them how to breathe correctly, articulate, read music, practice to produce a quality tone, posture and finger position.


Frequently Asked Questions


Read the frequently asked questions about private music lessons in Los Angeles with Music Teacher LA, discover the best age to begin private music lessons, find what instrument to choose and begin learning, as well as learn more about our top rated Los Angeles instructors. 

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