Music Teachers Opportunities in Los Angeles

We are always looking for talented music instructors in Los Angeles and South Bay to join our growing team.

Since Music Teacher LA’s inception in 2004, we have been growing at the average rate of 22 new private students each month, so we are constantly seeking highly professional and experienced instructors to join our community.

Please take a look at the following list of pre-requisites. If you feel that Music Teacher LA is a good fit for you and you enjoy working with children, please submit your resume today!

Our Music Teachers Have:

(We will not consider anyone who does not meet these requirements)

  • University degree (BA or equivalent, Masters preferred)
  •  3+ years of experience teaching children and adults a variety of genres with a focus on private one on one instruction
  • Long-term commitment (a minimum of one year)
  • Custom teaching methods that meet the needs of their students’ personal and individual musical goals
  • Friendly, warm and patient personalities
  • Team player and strong work ethic
  • Active and contributing membership at Music Teacher LA

Why Music Teacher LA is the greatest place to teach!

Many of our instructors have been referred by other instructors who already teach with us. This is because Music Teacher LA is the reputable, professional, organized, progressive, and dynamic place to teach. Here are a few perks Music Teacher LA instructors experience:

  • Support from administration. Music Teacher LA takes care of marketing, scheduling, billing, policies, recitals, conflict resolution, information disbursement, and more.
  • Plenty of resources. We are all about making your job as easy, enjoyable, and effective as possible. We understand that the best thing we can do for our business is keep our instructors happy and performing at the highest possible level. We offer support, training and tools for instructors to use with students if needed.
  • Quickly growing student population. We have many happy instructors with full teaching schedules at Music Teacher LA. We are growing quickly, and it doesn’t take too long for new teachers to grow a full schedule of students here.
  • No mandated school-wide teaching method. Our teachers come from a wide variety of backgrounds and employ a large variety of teaching methods, styles, and philosophies. We encourage our instructors to do things the way they think is best! We don’t believe any one style or method is best for every teacher.
  • We genuinely care about our students. Our heart is in music education and everything we do is aimed toward supporting growth in our students and teachers. Our every move is guided by this mission.

We are hiring music teachers for: Piano, Violin, Voice, Guitar, Drums and Woodwinds.

Are you a Music Teacher in Los Angeles who is interested in teaching in-home music lessons at Music Teacher LA?

Please apply by filling out this form with as much detail as possible. Please do not call as we recruit by email job application. You will receive a reply within days of your submission.

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