Boredom and Unhealthy Foods

Boredom and unhealthy foodWhat foods do you crave when you’re bored?

When you become bored, or perform a boring activity, you crave fatty and sugar foods, according to the recent study by British researchers. “This strengthens the theory that boredom is related to low levels of the stimulating brain chemical dopamine and that people try to boost this by eating fat and sugar if they cannot alleviate their boredom in some other way,” said the lead author of the study.… Read More


Music on Your Plate

Music Food IdeasMusic on Your Plate


How can you put music on a plate? 

That’s where your imagination and creativity come to life.

Both adults and children naturally love music. We want to immerse in it and surround ourselves with music, even when we take a bite of a sandwich.… Read More


Chocolate Smoothie with the Brain Power Twist

Chocolate Smootie for Your MemoryChocolate Smoothie with the Brain Power Twist

I am a strong believer that the healthy lifestyles create happy students.

Breakfast gives children the energy they need at school and what could be a better and easier accessed choice than bananas as an excellent energy-boosting superfood?… Read More