$20 Music Lessons to Benefit Coeur d’Alene Elementary School

Music Teacher LA hosts $20 music lessons to benefit Coeur d'Alene elementary schoolMusic Teacher LA hosts $20 initial music lessons to benefit Coeur d’Alene Elementary School

Attention new students! 

Music Teacher LA hosts $20 music lessons. Book your initial private piano, voice, violin or guitar music lesson now through April 15 2017 and get your first lesson for $20.… Read More


Music Teacher LA’s Spring Recitals 2017

Dear Music Teacher LA Students, Parents, Grandparents, Siblings and Friends!

You are invited to Music Teacher LA Spring Recitals 2017 on Sunday, April 23rd  2017 in Beverly Hills to celebrate the achievements of our young musicians!

All students are divided into small groups of up to 17 performers.… Read More


Music Teacher LA’s Piano Students Successfully Completed MTAC’s Certificate of Merit Exams!

MTAC CM Piano Exam level 1 student

Congratulations to Music Teacher LA students who participated in the Certificate of Merit (CM) Exam today, March 18th 2017, organized by the Music Teachers’ Association of California (MTAC).

Your determination and hard work makes us very proud!









~Music Teacher LA team.… Read More


Music Teacher LA has Gift Cards available online!

Piano teacher in Cheviot Hills

Thank you, Vicky, for your kind words about our talented piano teacher Haruka! We, music instructors at Music Teacher L.A., love teaching and bringing music to students’ homes and hearts, and accept your positive words with gratitude! Thank you for being a part of our musical family and we are looking forward to seeing your boy performing in our Winter Recital 2016!… Read More


Beethoven Fun Fact

Ludwig Van Beethoven Fun Fact

Despite being a gifted musician, composing music was a challenge and struggle for Beethoven. He was known to take long, solitary walks through the Viennese forest, shut the doors of his study room and scream while composing new musical pieces, and pour icy cold water over his head to help promote creative breakthrough.… Read More


Summer Recitals Series 2016 at Music Teacher LA

Music lessons in Beverly Hills, CaDear students, parents and grandparents!
Expecting my little girl to arrive any time now, I am very grateful to have such incredible, talented students at Music Teacher LA, hear them perform during two awesome weeks of our music recitals this year, meet families, and see many sweet faces!… Read More

361st Birthday of the Piano Inventor

361st Birthday of the Piano Inventor B. Christofori

Bartolomeo Cristofori di Francesco, best known as the piano inventor, was born on May 4th, 1655 in Italy. 

Hired by Ferdinando de Medici, the Prince of Tuscany, Bartolomeo maintained the royal collection of musical instruments.… Read More


8 Fun Violin Practice Games for Kids

Violin practice game for kids8 Fun Violin Practice Games for Kids

Violin is not an easy instrument to learn, especially for a young child. This is partly because your child won’t be actually playing music right away and  would need to practice the pre-violin skills first, such as holding the bow correctly and producing the right sound playing a single note.… Read More


Ten Ways to Encourage Creativity

Art project with children- making cars10 Ways to Encourage Creativity in Children

As parents, many of us constantly search for new ways to inspire and encourage our children’s curiosity, creativity, and interest in the world around them, and help them grow up successful, innovative and productive members of our society.… Read More


Best Age to Begin Piano Lessons

best age to start piano lessonsWhat is the best age to start Piano Lessons for your child?

Parents who enroll their children in music lessons early on inevitable provide a powerful boost for their youngsters’ overall development. A number of studies suggest that formal music lessons increase children’s brain growth and neurological processes.… Read More