Beethoven Fun Fact

Ludwig Van Beethoven Fun Fact

Despite being a gifted musician, composing music was a challenge and struggle for Beethoven. He was known to take long, solitary walks through the Viennese forest, shut the doors of his study room and scream while composing new musical pieces, and pour icy cold water over his head to help promote creative breakthrough.… Read More


Best Age to Begin Piano Lessons

best age to start piano lessonsWhat is the best age to start Piano Lessons for your child?

Parents who enroll their children in music lessons early on inevitable provide a powerful boost for their youngsters’ overall development. A number of studies suggest that formal music lessons increase children’s brain growth and neurological processes.… Read More


Is My Child Ready for Private Piano Lessons?

LMU concertIs My Child Ready for Private Piano Lessons?

Many Los Angeles families are looking to sign up their young children for private piano lessons. Parents can prepare their kids for formal lessons by introducing them to music early on. Attending local concerts, singing nursery songs with children, exposing kids to a piano, giving an opportunity to explore the sounds it makes, and discussing and listening to the sounds around us will unable your kids to develop appreciation for music and discover their musical interests.… Read More