Fun Fact About Joseph Haydn

Fun Fact About Joseph Haydn

Franz Joseph Haydn was a prolific and influential Austrian composer (1732-1809).

Franz Joseph Haydn began his musical study at age 8, when he was hired to sing in the choir at St. Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna.… Read More


Mother’s Day History and Song

Mother’s Day History | Song about Mommy

Mother’s Day History dates back to the era of ancient Greeks and Romans.

Ancient Greeks celebrated a spring festival dedicated to to maternal goddesses Rhea, wife of Cronus and the mother of many deities of Greek mythology. … Read More


361st Birthday of the Piano Inventor

361st Birthday of the Piano Inventor B. Christofori

Bartolomeo Cristofori di Francesco, best known as the piano inventor, was born on May 4th, 1655 in Italy. 

Hired by Ferdinando de Medici, the Prince of Tuscany, Bartolomeo maintained the royal collection of musical instruments.… Read More


8 Fun Violin Practice Games for Kids

Violin practice game for kids8 Fun Violin Practice Games for Kids

Violin is not an easy instrument to learn, especially for a young child. This is partly because your child won’t be actually playing music right away and  would need to practice the pre-violin skills first, such as holding the bow correctly and producing the right sound playing a single note.… Read More


Ten Ways to Encourage Creativity

Art project with children- making cars10 Ways to Encourage Creativity in Children

As parents, many of us constantly search for new ways to inspire and encourage our children’s curiosity, creativity, and interest in the world around them, and help them grow up successful, innovative and productive members of our society.… Read More


Best Age to Begin Piano Lessons

best age to start piano lessonsWhat is the best age to start Piano Lessons for your child?

Parents who enroll their children in music lessons early on inevitable provide a powerful boost for their youngsters’ overall development. A number of studies suggest that formal music lessons increase children’s brain growth and neurological processes.… Read More


Keyboard Conversations with Jeffrey Siegel

Keyboard Conversations with Jeffrey Siegel | Classical concerts in Beverly Hills

Internationally acclaimed pianist Jeffrey Siegel returns to The Wallis Annenbert Center, Beverly Hills with his new “Keyboard Conversations” concert series. Meet Jeffrey on February 27, 2016 for the FREE pre-concert conversation and wine tasting at 7pm, followed by the concert at 8pm.… Read More


Is My Child Ready for Private Piano Lessons?

LMU concertIs My Child Ready for Private Piano Lessons?

Many Los Angeles families are looking to sign up their young children for private piano lessons. Parents can prepare their kids for formal lessons by introducing them to music early on. Attending local concerts, singing nursery songs with children, exposing kids to a piano, giving an opportunity to explore the sounds it makes, and discussing and listening to the sounds around us will unable your kids to develop appreciation for music and discover their musical interests.… Read More


Voice Lessons for Children

girl sings squareDoes Your Child Love to Sing?

Beverly Hills Voice Lessons, West Hollywood Voice Lessons, Sherman Oaks Voice Lessons … ask us if we teach in your Los Angeles neighborhood. I just love to teach kids singing! I have started teaching a young children’s choir when I was in my first year of the music university and never stopped working as the music teacher.… Read More


You stop listening to new music at age 33, earlier for parents

Female enjoying music over headphones --- Image by © Moment/cultura/Corbis

When was the last time you listened to a new song?

According to the new online study, an average person stops listening to the new music at age 33. Usually people’s music tastes evolves quickly through age 25 and stops in the mid-30s.… Read More